New Video Game Site Design is Here – New Features Coming Soon

Over the past few months I have been feverishly re-designing and re-developing to provide you with an outlet to help you find the latest news, rumors and information on your favorite video games. The new design is not only easier to navigate and the information you want quickly, but it is also mobile friendly designed using a responsive, mobile first approach. The current release of the site focuses on providing general information on new releases, news, rumors and more. The library of games and information is relatively small but should grow quickly and hope to meet some milestones over the next few weeks/months.

Currently the following video game platforms are covered by GamersAnnex

Short Term Milestones

  • Entry of all major Holiday 2015 releases
  • Addition of trailers to site
  • Addition of Screenshots/Media to site
  • Clean up of bugs/design

Long Term Milestones

  • User login/profiles
  • Enable user ratings
  • Addition of personal game libraries/collections
  • Gaming Hardware section
  • Addition of Top 10 Lists
  • FAQ and resources on building your very own Video Game references/news site

The first thing to get done in the short term is clean up of the minor design/code bugs found since release, there are a few that are being worked on as you read this. Second on the list is getting in all the popular titles that are being released this fall (2015) for the big holiday shopping season.

There are more long term milestones in the works than what I have listed but these have yet to be finalized/announced but one area that I am excited about is addition of a guide to building your very own video game news and reference website using free, open source tools such as Bootstrap, WordPress and more. This will include information on design, coding and tips on how to monetize your site with things such as Google’s Adsense and Amazon affiliates.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your patience while the site is being worked on, the old resources that the site contained up until a month ago have been re-directed where appropriate. Others have been removed and they no longer server the purpose of GamersAnnex moving forward.