Final Elusive Target of 2016 Detailed

The final Hitman Elusive Target for 2016, Hitman Elusive Target 17: The Food Critic, has been unveiled and this time players will be taking aim at food critic Wen Ts’ai. Wen Ts’ai has left a wake of disgruntled restaurant owners in his path after scathing reviews of nearly every eatery he dines at. As you might imagine this a restaurant owner somewhere has taken exception to his review and has put out a hit on him. Based on the trailer released for this Elusive Target, the hit has been issued by the partner of a chef who committed suicide after one of Ts’ai’s reviews. In this review which was livestreamed, he berates the chef and staff at a restaurant for serving “over chilled ice water”.

Wen Ts’ai is in play now December 30th for the next seven days ending on January 6th, 2017. Those up for the tasks should not delay to get in on this mission. The Hitman Elusive Target 17: The Food Critic trailer provides you with the full dossier on Wen Ts’ai.

Hitman Elusive Targets are one off missions for Hitman that are only available for a limited time, typically one week. Players only have once chance to complete the mission, if player fails to take out the target in the Elusive Target mission, the opportunity has been lost. Players will not have an opportunity to repeat the Elusive Target mission. Once the mission ends players will earn a target mission point, accumulate enough points and players will earn new suits for Agent 47 to wear.

There have been a total of 17 Elusive Targets released in 2016 which started shortly after the release of Hitman (Buy From Amazon), an episodic action/adventure game and sequel to Hitman Absolution (Buy From Amazon). There were a total of six episodes released for Hitman and a final Season 1 release in October 2016 which included all six episodes.