Fallout 4 Leaks – Screenshots & Videos

The release of Fallout 4 will be upon us in a mere week, but the wraps have already come off so to speak through unofficial leaks of screenshots and game play videos. The leaks really shouldn’t come as any surpise as many times its the developers, publishers and or PR firms are releasing the content under the guise that it is an unofficial “leak”. What is in question with the latest Fallout 4 leaks is the fact that they leave a little something to be desired. Fans who have viewed them are posting negative comments on Redditt and other social media outlets regarding the game’s graphics and animation and that they may really not be as “next gen” has Bethesda is claiming them to be.


Based on the latest images to have leaked online in the neogaf forums and imgur.com, the images don’t appear to be revolutionary in terms of textures and shading, but they are easily on par with other new games being released this year. The game play videos that have released also tend to show the same thing, very good visuals and animation but nothing with a “wow” factor that would stop you in your tracks.

Anticipation for Fallout 4 is extremely high with many fans looking for something as ground breaking as Fallout 3 was when it was released in 2008. That being said, many fans like myself aren’t necessarily looking for the best graphics that require top of the line hardware. Rather we are looking for a new chapter in the Fallout saga that tells a compelling story and game play that is fun.


About Fallout 4

Fallout 4 will include a single player story campaign set in a open game world that provides players the freedom to complete missions and take on side quests as they like. The story takes place during the same time frame as Fallout 3 storyline set in New England, including the city of Boston.