The Double Dragon IV release kicks off the next chapter in the classic arcade game series Double Dragon. The Double Dragon release is schedule to hit both Steam and PlayStation Network next month.

Double Dragon IV picks up the storyline from Double Dragon II after the defeat of the Black Warriors. Players will once again control the Lee brothers in their familiar blue and red karategis in this beat ’em up fighting game that brings back the classic look and feel of the original. With pixel graphics the game looks like something for your old Nintendo Entertainment System.

In addition to the story campaign mode, the game also includes a two player duel mode which pits two fighters going at each other in hand to hand combat.

Ark System Works has been developing the game and will digitally publish it as well. Ark System Works acquired the rights to the series and other properties after the bankruptcy of Technos, the game’s original development company. Ark System Works is a Japanese game development company that specializes in fighting games. With Double Dragon IV that have brought together some of the members of the development team for the original Double Dragon arcade game released back in 1987.

The release of Double Dragon IV also marks the return to the classic side scrolling action that can be found in the original Double Dragon as well a Double Dragon II and Double Dragon III. Interestingly enough, Double Dragon IV was technically “skipped over”, with developer Technos and Trade west opting for the name Super Double Dragon for the forth title in the series.

Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon V, were both released for the Super NES and moved away from the traditional side scrolling action platform game to a more traditional fighting game made popular by the Mortal Kombat series, with two fighters going head to head.

Double Dragon IV release is scheduled for January 29/30 in Japan for the PS4 and PC and then January 30/31 in North America.

In anticipation of the release, Ark System Works has also released a Double Dragon IV teaser trailer showing some of the graphics and game play you can expect from the game.