The DiRT 4 release date was confirmed today by developer/publisher Codemasters. The official DiRT 4 release date will be June 9, 2017 and with the game being released for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. DiRT 4 follows up on the successfull DiRT Rally the rally racing game released in 2015. Codemaster states that “DiRT 4 takes the passion and authenticity of off-road racing to the next level, whilst also reintroducing gamers to white knuckle truck and buggy racing in Landrush.”

DiRT 4 release will feature a new system know as “Your Stage” which allows gamers to create routes and stages giving them a near endless amount of possible racing tracks to play through. The creation process will be done by entering location and a few route parameters and then with a click of the button a custom and unique rally course will be created. The feature also allows you to share these routes with friends and online so others can experience the thrill new challenges, long courses and more. In addition many of the key features that have made the series popular will included and/or enhanced in DiRT 4 including car tuning, damage & repair, career mode and more.

When released, DiRT 4 will be the 12th racing game in the Colin McRae Rally series of racing games. The series began in 1998 with the original Colin McRae Rally which was released for the original PlayStation console and Windows PC.. The series has used the DiRT alone since the release of DiRT 3 in 2011. All games in the Colin McRae Rally/DiRT series have been developed and published by Codemasters. Additional details about the game including more features, game modes, system requirements and more will be posted as they become available.

In addition to the DiRT 4 release date announcement, Codemasters and Koch Media have also released the official DiRT 4 announcement trailer which challenges gamers to “be fearless”. The trailer is just under one minute in length and can be viewed here on